Thursday 6 August 2020

Why it’s so easy to travel the world!

Do you want to travel the world? And don’t know how? Did you know that it’s pretty simple actually? When I tell people, who I just met or even some family members, about my trips around the world, they are surprised and ask me if it’s not dangerous. “But, what about your job? Or your home? You don’t have any security…”
There’s that word again “security”. A reason why a lot of people are afraid to travel around the world. Not knowing where you are going to sleep or eat the next day. You know what? That’s what I love about travelling.
Never knowing where you might end up, enjoying the most beautiful places in the world and the most awesome people. So you’re ready for the next step?

What is needed?

Figure out where you want to go: Do you already know where you want to go or is it still unknown. It’s very important to know what your budget is. For my trip in Asia, Africa and Australia I saved for about one and a half year. So keep in mind how comfortable you want to travel and where do you want to go and try to save up as much as possible.
A good travel source is Vacation Rental Experts Blog. See their guides at their website. They are pretty much considered the bible for travelers :)

Visa’s: Trust me, this is the hard part. Some visas are really easy to get but others are like nightmares, like in Australia last year, or in Russia or China. Trust me, I’ve been there! Ha-ha, but once you got them you already halfway! If you are doing a around the world trip, it’s best to only apply for a visa for the first two countries, but check before how hard and how long it takes to get them.  


Vaccination and other medicine: Two months before you leave it’s important to get the right vaccination for the destination you are going to go. So let your doctor knows or you can go to a special travel clinic to get medicine (like malaria pills) and vaccination.  


Flights: Last but not least is booking your flight to your destination. There is no way of knowing when you have to book your flight. Some people do it 3 months before others 6 months before their trip. Take a look at different airlines and I always find Sky scanner a good tool for finding flights. They even use price alerts. That means when your selected route, gets a lower or higher price, you get an email about it.
So how do you prepare for your trip?

A travel blog post by Eva. I'm a Polish born traveler, travel photographer, writer and runner living in Montreal Canada. In the 10-plus years that I've been travelling, living and exploring various travel destinations, I've explored much of the America’s, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.